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cyber security

Security and operative continuity are watchword about cloud systems. Every business server can be outsourced on a cloud platform with important advantages: security, both logical and physical, and warranty of operation continuity due to virtualization of the environment with respect to the hardware.
Specifically, we can consider this choice as optimal for:

  • Webserver

  • Mailserver e sistemi di archiviazione mail

  • Gestionali

  • Storage condivisi

  • CRM e sales force automation

  • Backup

The platforms mainly used are:


The data are considered by many as “the oil” of the new millennium, companies today are increasingly made of data (structures, machinery, staff can be replaced or moved) and their safety becomes fundamental.
GDPR and Industry 4.0 increasingly emphasize the need for control over data and their centrality, defending them properly represents not only a legal obligation, but also the defense of the company’s value, its know-how, its competitiveness.
The interconnected world in which we live involves a multitude of accesses to systems that facilitate and increase our productivity but put the security and integrity of data at risk.
A good Cyber ​​Security strategy based on the specificity of the company becomes essential to achieve the right balance between security and costs, in this sense our “sartorial” approach can not be separated from an in-depth analysis in order to then suggest the correct action strategies on the basis of an agreed and carefully weighted Risk Analysis.
Specifically, the areas of attention are:

  • Firewalling and networking

  • Authentication and user management

  • Logical and physical security

  • Backup and disaster recovery

  • Vpn and remote access